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On our permaculture farm we are all 100% there for nature. This means for us, the species-appropriate animal housing as well as the natural cultivation, so that sustainable cycles can be created without any chemicals.

This appreciation of nature can be enjoyed by customers and interested people, on the one hand, in the form of food as well as online seminars.

Our guarantee for you

A natural agriculture only functions if the people in it also occupy the positions that are naturally intended for them.

We also find this to be a great challenge. We humans are so often occupied with harmful patterns. We think about what we have to do and achieve, how we have to be, what we should, what we ought to, …

But we think we should perceive ourselves just as lovingly:

Who are we, what do we like to do, what gives us joy, what gives us strength, what brings us to our center…?

Only those who burn themselves can kindle fire in others.


More and more people are looking for ways to farm naturally. The field is quite old and at the same time very young. There have been and still are many great and impressive individuals and teams who have achieved great things.

Through the pregnancies, the small children and God’s blessings, a form of vegetable cultivation has developed that has healthy vegetables and soils as well as a very high efficiency.

Our nature

Due to the media, one often has the impression that animal breeding is generally bad for the climate. But the fact that animals can be kept and fed in such a way that more CO2 is bound … unfortunately we hear far too little about this!

And our “cultural landscape” needs animals.

However if animals, then a healthy, strong and living kind!

It asks us farmers to look at robustness, health, longevity and fertility. Breeds again targeted to breed, to improve and find a good way between profitability and valuable life for the animals.

About us

We, Marcel and Manuela Schmid with the little children Natanael, Nayra and Naomi as well as Sonja Schegg, who has been with us from the beginning, Urs Weder, who has been working with us as a master farmer since 2020 and Donna May Anderson, whose love led from Australia to Switzerland. Sascha, our farm dog, two farm cats and many birds, hedgehogs, insects, wild animals and micro creatures complete the picture.

Hof Morgarot would not have been possible without the support of our parents and parents-in-law, Marcel’s siblings, Mr. Ignaz Hugentobler of Pro Riet as well as the Pro Riet association, the Eicher family, the Raiffeisenbank, our landlords, our Thomas Beerle, who connected us with God and ourselves, and many other friends.

Bureau54 is responsible for our marketing and the whole appearance, implements the learning program online and brings the magazine “Hofleben” to life together with us. Finally, Machart TV provides the professional framework for our learning videos.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and our collaborators from the bottom of our hearts, because we feel very blessed with all of them!