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Farm life

Farm life at Morgarot usually starts at 04:30 am before sunrise. Depending on the season, we first take care of our animals or our plants – an activity that is never completed. Therefore, as well as thanks to our three children, we are always busy and in the midst of all the action. What could be more beautiful?

The day on the farm is not ever the same as the previous one, but always very exciting and filled with love and dedication.

At Morgarot Farm we live by the values of authenticity and honesty, which is why it is important to us that we can share all our beautiful experiences and successes as well as our faux pas with you.

Lived, sustainable agriculture...

  • …which takes nature into account to the maximum, is a matter close to our hearts.
  • …which values the water and supports it in becoming healthy when necessary.
  • …which produces vegetables while building up the soil.
  • …with healthy fruit without pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.
  • … in which snails are just as much employees as earthworms and co.

Here at Morgarot Farm we live sustainable agriculture every single day, every moment.

Because we wish for a strong and healthy earth. And courageous and connected people who perceive themselves as part of the world again. Because we want to provide people with healthy food. Simply because it is our job.

Our animals

Our plants

"We live with nature and love it with all its plants and animals".


We have a large number of animals living on our farm, which are visited and admired by hikers every day. For us, the welfare of the animals is the highest priority, which is why we give them a life as close to nature as possible.

Thus, our farm animals are not fed silage, manure-fertilized grass or grain (except in extreme situations such as farrowing or suckling).

That is why there is no manure on Morgarot, also because there is no excessive urination, which is why the unnatural “farmyard smell” does not accompany us every day.

We maintain a close relationship with our animals so that they can enjoy a wonderful life on the farm. In this sense, we would also like to let them go again with much gratitude and appreciation.

On the farm we plant a variety of vegetables as well as herbs, and for us the well-being of the plants, just as with the animals, is the highest priority.

On Morgarot we sow most of the plants ourselves, so we can be sure what is planted.

One of our farm’s specialties by far are our outdoor tomatoes. They do not need any roof and in “normal” years (not too cold or too wet) they bear aromatic fruit until the end of November.

About us

We, Marcel and Manuela Schmid with the little children Natanael, Nayra and Naomi as well as Sonja Schegg, who has been with us from the beginning, Urs Weder, who has been working with us as a master farmer since 2020 and Donna May Anderson, whose love led from Australia to Switzerland. Sascha, our farm dog, two farm cats and many birds, hedgehogs, insects, wild animals and micro creatures complete the picture.

Hof Morgarot would not have been possible without the support of our parents and parents-in-law, Marcel’s siblings, Mr. Ignaz Hugentobler of Pro Riet as well as the Pro Riet association, the Eicher family, the Raiffeisenbank, our landlords, our Thomas Beerle, who connected us with God and ourselves, and many other friends.

Bureau54 is responsible for our marketing and the whole appearance, implements the learning program online and brings the magazine “Hofleben” to life together with us. Finally, Machart TV provides the professional framework for our learning videos.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and our collaborators from the bottom of our hearts, because we feel very blessed with all of them!