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Hof Morgarot stands for permaculture, Manuela & Marcel Schmid live permaculture and have made a name for themselves in recent years with their farm and established themselves with the subject of permaculture. For some years, in addition to the farm, courses on various topics from the field of permaculture are already offered.


From 29.4.21 to 21.12.21 we offer you the delivery of our Kistli. For 32 weeks we are happy to deliver 50 Kistli. Since we would like to make our Kistli individually formable, we remain with the 50 pieces. So that we are connected with you. If you don’t need the Kistli one day, you have the possibility to consume the equivalent value in the form of other Hof Morgarot products. So that we can give a security to the farm and our employees, it is necessary that we let the Kistli money go through.

Under the menu item Orders you can order your Kistli, register on a waiting list for it, fill it individually if necessary and also cancel it occasionally and enjoy other fine products instead.

The boxes will be delivered on Thursday evening between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. in self-made wooden boxes (from our own moon wood). Please put the boxes back in front of the door in time for the next Thursday evening so that they can be exchanged. The boxes are accompanied by a letter with a list of contents and recipe suggestions.

The delivery costs are CHF 4.- for Altstätten, CHF 5.- for Lüchingen, CHF 6.- for Marbach, Rebstein and Oberriet. Everything further away is CHF 8.-. For Gais and Appenzell CHF 9.- will be added.

Invoicing will be done monthly by email.

Animal sale

All our animals are bred for robustness, health, site loyalty, longevity and human compatibility. All animals can be pre-ordered under the menu item orders or purchased directly depending on the season.

Chickens: Every year we sell our own offspring of chickens, which is a colorful mixture of Appenzeller Barthühnern, Sparrowhawks, Andalusians, Sussex and white laying hens. Laying performance varies somewhat between 200 and 300 ( a matter of type, what comes through more in genetics), but meat yield is usually very good.

Ducks: We have been breeding a cross between runner ducks and Pomeranian ducks (with a touch of hood ducks here and there) since 2015. They are more agile and healthier than the pure Pomeranian ducks and calmer than the running ducks with a bit more synaptic connections in the brain area in terms of being able to communicate with people.

Pansy goats: Pansy goats have been enriching our flock of goats since 2020 and we are already very curious to see how the first generation will behave on the farm in 2021.

Jacob’s sheep: Thrilled with their robustness, courage, goat likeness, health and horns. And the wool is really great. Yep, a real winner!

Black Alpine Pig: In 2020 we had our first litters of these wonderful, robust, agile, people-friendly pigs. Black and Beauty are great mommies and a real feast for the eyes!

Donkeys: Berta and Bella are two domestic donkeys, which are faithful companions through thick and thin and give us and many others a lot of joy with the donkey trekkings! Their babies are for sale on direct request.


We pay attention to a loving companionship before the farewell as well as a strong gratitude for the giving of life. So that the cycle begins lovingly and closes lovingly.

Meat sale

We offer meat from lamb and sheep, Gitzi and Gais, Eberli and Rindli at regular intervals.

You buy the following energy with it:

  • The love we feel for our animals.
  • The joy and strength that the animals develop while living here on the large meadows.
  • The healthy wild herbs and shrubs that grow in our unpolluted meadows.

You are welcome to sign up for the next Metzgete and put together your delivery package.
Delivery conditions like Biokistli. If further than Appenzell/Oberriet/Rehetobel, self-collection.

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Wild herb products

We love the wild herbs that grow on our farm! They are God’s wonderful gift for a strong and healthy mind and body. In 2020 you will find the following in our store:

  • The original Hof Morgarot wild herb salt with 28 wild herbs
  • The original Hof Morgarot wild herb vinegar with 28 wild herbs
  • Hof Morgarot gardener soap with valuable wild herbs for the skin

Next year the product list will be extended again. Our wild herb products complement our own meals on a daily basis. We use the wild herb salt in seasoning and cooking, the vinegar on salads. I developed the gardener’s soap because I like to work without gloves. But since I love soft hands, I created a soap with the help of nature, which gives me velvety soft skin…

Wool products

To recycle the wool of our sheep, who are allowed to live so comfortably, is an honor to us! “Healing wool”, meaning wool washed with warm water but without soap and carded; on the internet; beneficial for abdominal pinching, muscle and joint pain.

You can purchase the following products from us:

Children’s comforter – 1m x 1.35m / 1.35m x 2.00m
Comforter – 1.60m x 2.10m
Healing wool (250g) – CHF 15.-