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We live permaculture

Morgarot Farm is lived permaculture.
The logo, designed by Bureau54, excellently symbolizes our principles as well as philosophy.

The roots provide the plant with nourishment, protection and growth. They connect through their roots and form a community. This way they support each other, which enables them to grow better and become stronger.

The circle illustrates the eternity of God and the importance of our thoughts, words and deeds in the circle of life.

Through awareness of sustainability and our being and doing, we want to nurture the roots so that the circle builds up and becomes strong.

Our guarantee for you

At all times we are 100% therefore the nature entrusted to us and provide it with healthy nourishment. With the purchase of the products of Hof Morgarot you support a sustainable vegetable and fruit cultivation that is 100% natural. In addition, you enable the animals a beautiful, appreciative and species-appropriate life. That is what we are there for every day at Hof Morgarot for our nature and you.

Only those who burn themselves can kindle fire in others.


We replant a very large variety of shrubs and trees every year to increase our population, as this is essential for healthy agriculture. We have multiplied or grafted many of our plants ourselves. We pass on this knowledge in our online seminars and courses at the farm. Vegetable gardening, along with wild herbs, is a centerpiece of the farm. Through observation and trial and error, we have developed our own cultivation system, which is very close to nature as well as labor-extensive. This allows us to have healthy plants and a soil that builds itself.

We harvest the wild herbs throughout the property and let them decide for themselves where they feel most comfortable. This you can also taste!

Our nature

On our farm there are chickens, ducks, geese, black alpine pigs, boot goats, Toggenburg goats, alpine sheep, Jakobs sheep, Hinterwälder cows, Rhaetian gray, ponies, Huzulen and Eseli. All our animals have the largest possible space and are on large pastures with species-appropriate feed for most of the year. We breed our own chickens and ducks, black alpine pigs, boot gaises, Jacob’s sheep and donkeys. If you are interested in a certain breed, please contact us or register directly in the respective waiting lists. We would be pleased if you would visit us on one of our monthly guided tours and admire the animals in all their splendor.

About us

We, Marcel and Manuela Schmid with the little children Natanael, Nayra and Naomi as well as Sonja Schegg, who has been with us from the beginning, Urs Weder, who has been working with us as a master farmer since 2020 and Donna May Anderson, whose love led from Australia to Switzerland. Sascha, our farm dog, two farm cats and many birds, hedgehogs, insects, wild animals and micro creatures complete the picture.

Hof Morgarot would not have been possible without the support of our parents and parents-in-law, Marcel’s siblings, Mr. Ignaz Hugentobler of Pro Riet as well as the Pro Riet association, the Eicher family, the Raiffeisenbank, our landlords, our Thomas Beerle, who connected us with God and ourselves, and many other friends.

Bureau54 is responsible for our marketing and the whole appearance, implements the learning program online and brings the magazine “Hofleben” to life together with us. Finally, Machart TV provides the professional framework for our learning videos.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and our collaborators from the bottom of our hearts, because we feel very blessed with all of them!